Bluetooth Keyless Start

Bluetooth Ignition with AccessoriesWorld’s First BLE based system that eliminates the physical car key and key fob. With the BT Keyless Start system installed in your vehicle and the matching Companion Application running in the background of your BLE enabled cell phone, your vehicle will automatically unlock when you approach, enable the Push To Start button as you enter the vehicle, and automatically lock after you park and walk away. No more keys or remotes required, period.

The video below provides a full demo of the Keyless Start Product using the Keyless Start Companion Application for iOS devices.

What is required for the Keyless Start system to work?

A: In addition to our Universal Keyless Start system you will also need the following:

installation from an experienced technician,

anti-theft integration module (for vehicles less than 30 years old),

blank key blade for vehicles that have a mechanical steering lock.

Will this work on my vehicle?

A: Our Universal kit is compatible with over 90% of vehicles currently on the road. The main exceptions are luxury vehicles that require a solution that is designed for a specific year, make, and model. These customized solutions will be released later based on demand.

What if I take my vehicle in for service or valet park?

A: There are two service/valet remotes included in the Universal kit when the vehicle needs to be temporarily driven by someone other than the owner.

Can I authorize more than one phone?

A: Yes, multiple phones can be authorized to each vehicle.

Will the Remote Start feature function without using the Push To Start?

A: Yes, you can use our Universal Kit as a cell phone controlled Remote Start product that also provides Passive Keyless Entry (automatic unlock/lock). The Push To Start feature can always be enabled at a later time.

Do I need to drill a hole in my dash?

A: Absolutely not. The included Push To Start button is designed to be installed in place of the factory key slot or on a flat area of the dash.

Is the installation permanent?

A. No, the installation is 100% reversible when a vehicle is sold or a lease expires.

Can I install this myself?

A. Installation needs to be performed by a experienced technician. Improper installation can cause damage to the vehicle’s electrical system.

Will this work with my factory Push To Start button?

A. This varies greatly on the system that is installed from the factory. It is possible to interface the original Push To Start button with our Universal kit with additional installation labor and extra parts.

What if my phone’s battery goes dead?

A. There are multiple back up systems in place in the event of an emergency.

What if I lose my phone?

A. The user selected passcode can be updated to prevent a lost phone from opening and driving a vehicle. Plus, cell phones can be remotely located and erased. Your physical car keys can not be erased.  Basically, there is less risk using your cell phone as a key than the actual key itself.

Our Keyless Start solution is currently available ONLY for Commercial Clients that internally manage a fleet of 500+ vehicles. The Consumer version will be released at a later date.