Standard Bluetooth Keyless Entry

Bluetooth Passive Keyless Entry

The Standard Version Bluetooth Passive Keyless Entry module is compatible with ALL Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

Will this work on my car?
A: Yes, our modules are compatible with up to 90% of vehicles on the road, although some vehicles may require additional parts. Certain luxury vehicles will require customized parts and additional installation time.

Will this work with my cell phone?
A: Yes, the Standard Version is compatible will all Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

How many cell phones can be paired to the Standard module?
A: The Standard Version does not require the Companion App, but will only connect to one authorized phone. If you need multiple authorized phones to connect to a single module, the Premium Version is required.

What if I get a new cell phone?
A: The new cell phone can be paired to the module overwriting the previous cellphone.

What is the range?
A: The range varies by cell phone, but the average unlock range with the Standard module is 5-20 feet with the lock range being more.

Does the module require installation?
A: Yes, our modules interface with the vehicle’s electrical system. Installation needs to be provided by experienced certified technicians.

Will installation void my warranty?

A: Absolutely not, adding the module will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

Can I install the module myself?

A: Modern vehicles have very sophisticated and expensive electrical systems that require the service of experienced technicians.


Standard Bluetooth Passive Keyless Module
Standard Bluetooth Passive Keyless Module
Regular Price: The Standard modules are now Discontinued.

Standard Keyless Manual: