Standard Bluetooth Keyless Entry

Bluetooth Passive Keyless Entry

The Standard Version Bluetooth Passive Keyless Entry module is compatible with ALL Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

Will this work on my car?
A: Yes, our modules are compatible with up to 90% of vehicles on the road, although some vehicles may require additional parts. Certain luxury vehicles will require customized parts and additional installation time.

Will this work with my cell phone?
A: Yes, the Standard Version is compatible will all Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

How many cell phones can be paired to the Standard module?
A: The Standard Version does not require the Companion App, but will only connect to one authorized phone. If you need multiple authorized phones to connect to a single module, the Premium Version is required.

What if I get a new cell phone?
A: The new cell phone can be paired to the module overwriting the previous cellphone.

What is the range?
A: The range varies by cell phone, but the average unlock range with the Standard module is 5-20 feet with the lock range being more.

Does the module require installation?
A: Yes, our modules interface with the vehicle’s electrical system. Installation needs to be provided by experienced certified technicians.

Will installation void my warranty?

A: Absolutely not, adding the module will not void your vehicle’s warranty.

Can I install the module myself?

A: Modern vehicles have very sophisticated and expensive electrical systems that require the service of experienced technicians.

After shipping our Standard version of the Bluetooth Passive Keyless product all around the world for over 5 years, this version has reached the end.

Standard Bluetooth Passive Keyless Module
Standard Bluetooth Passive Keyless Module
Regular Price: The Standard modules are now Discontinued.

Standard Keyless Manual: